This air quality monitor tracks 5 factors and recommends changes for health

People are now more self-aware than ever about hygiene. In many ways, the global pandemic has served as a wake-up call for all us to make necessary changes in our lifestyle for better health. From simple habits to gadgets like air purifiers, these changes should stick in our daily routines even after the situation calms down. The first step to better health always starts at home and we usually don’t think about things like the air quality surrounding us unless there is a crisis. Devices like the Awair air quality tracker are here to make our homes a little more pure and safe.

We may not know this but, indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside as we are constantly exposed to factors like paint, furniture, carpet, air fresheners, toys, and more. The air quality can have a major influence on allergies, asthma, focus, sleep quality, skin health, and overall well-being apart from just physical health. The Awair 2nd-edition air quality monitor can track it all for you and even give you personalized recommendations to improve the air in your space. The smart device records the 5 most important factors that affect your health like fine dust, chemicals, CO2, humidity, and temperature to give you a report straight on your phone with changes we can make to up the quality.

The Awair Score is a color-coded scale that lets you know the quality of your air and what changes you must make to improve it. The scale is from 0 to 100 with 0 being poor air quality and 100 being very healthy. It is compatible with smart home devices like Ecobee, Google Home and Alexa so it seamlessly integrates itself in your ecosystem. You can control it via voice commands or an app on your phone when you aren’t home. Even the physical monitor is designed to match all interior styles with its wood frame and subtle silver interface. If you wouldn’t drink dirty water then why breathe dirty air?

Designer: Awair

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