Ammar Kalo’s PVC Bench uses a composite material made from crushed, recycled drain-pipes

With an appearance that almost mimics the fragmented beauty of terrazzo, the PVC Bench by UAE-based designer Ammar Kalo relies on a new type of composite material developed by recycling old PVC drainpipes. Designed as a two-person bench, the seating design comes with Kalo’s signature organic aesthetic featuring legs and a base-support made from walnut wood, and its crown jewel, the seating platform, made from multiple PVC parts suspended in a tinted resin. The transparent resin reveals the multiple PVC shards in a way that seems to contrast the bench’s overall smooth, soft, organic design. Its multiple shards create a beautiful interplay of light and shadows, forming a surface that has a unique pattern, just like the wood-grain on the walnut members below it. The bench, like most of Kalo’s furniture, comes with simple joineries that don’t require any extra fasteners or binders.

The PVC Bench was commissioned by Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading waste management company based in the UAE, as part of an ongoing collaboration to transform waste into functional design objects.

Designers: Ammar Kalo & Ibrahim Ibrahim for Bee’ah