Chonky Cozy Seating Solution Functions As A Collaborative & Comfy Space In Modern Offices

One of the most essential and integral pieces of furniture in an office is an office chair since we spend the majority of our day typing away or completing tasks there. But what about a chair design or seating system that doesn’t simply focus on you and your seating requirements? What about a modern-day seating solution that serves as a comfortable and cohesive space for co-workers to sit, work, and engage with one another? The US furniture brand KFI Studios just came up with the perfect design – Dotti Seating.

Designer: KFI Studios

KFI Studios unveiled an upholstered seating collection that serves as a cozy and harmonious space for collaboration and relaxation. Designed by a design firm called Union Design, the Dotti collection includes a low-back lounge and a high-back lounge chair with a curved plywood back, pillows, and soft circular seats.

The lounge chairs can be customized in a fixed or swivel base and can be upholstered in a wide variety of textiles, with the choice of white, ash, European beech, or dark chestnut laminate. This offers a lot of variety and options to create a seating system that complements your modern office space well. You can pick colors and materials that create a well-designed and appealing work environment.

The collection is also made up of a circular ottoman and a pouf seating option with a leather handle for maneuverability. The ottoman and pouf can be rearranged to create a seating configuration that is comfortable and sociable, allowing co-workers to huddle together to collaborate and coordinate. The Dotti collection can also serve as a lounging space, where employees can go for a little break, to unwind from work for a bit and catch a breather. The potential and scope for the Dotti collection are endless, and versatile configurations can be created in accordance with different offices, and their diverse requirements.