MOFT Z is the world’s thinnest laptop stand that also turns into a standing desk!

MOFT is back with a reiteration of their invisible laptop stand that’s designed to be bigger, badder, and better than before. You may remember the invisible laptop stand from earlier last year. Designed to be as thin as a credit card, the folding stand would stick onto (and practically disappear into) the back of your laptop when closed. When opened, it would help angle your laptop at not one, but two separate positions, giving you an ergonomic setup with a well-ventilated machine. The original MOFT saw as many as 32,000 supporters pledging their contributions and practically validating the fact that there’s a very strong need for ergonomic considerations as far as laptops are concerned.

The MOFT Z was designed keeping the original brief in mind, but was made to push limits. It does come with the ability to prop your laptop at three angles, but that’s not all. The MOFT Z even transforms your sitting setup into a standing one, elevating your laptop up by as much as 10 inches (25 centimeters). The MOFT Z does this using an innovative Z-shaped folding system along with its signature PU and fiberglass material which allows the laptop stand to have a high strength to weight ratio while being thin enough to slide right into a Manila envelope.

The MOFT Z was designed to be used independently, without being stuck to the back of your laptop (like the original MOFT). Slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper, and at nearly half an inch thick, the Moft Z can be kept on your desk, stored in a drawer, or a shelf, among folders. It works with all laptop brands and sizes, giving you a stand that can be propped up at 25°, 45°, and 60°, or elevated to a height of 10 inches to transition you from a sitting desk to a standing one. The Z-shaped structure allows the stand to comfortably take up to 22 pounds of weight. Just as a reference, the 15-inch Macbook Pro weighs a mere 4 pounds. The stand can be set up in all of 4-5 seconds, MUCH faster than it takes for a motorized standing desk to elevate from sitting to standing height.

The laptop’s biggest pro has historically been its convenience, while its biggest con was an unintended consequence of that convenience. As a result of its sleek, portable design, laptops tend to sacrifice on ergonomics, causing strain to your hands and neck with prolonged use. The MOFT Z corrects that wrong by not just offering ergonomic angle-adjustments, but also the ability to transition between sitting and standing desks, all while being thinner than your laptop… proving that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Designer: MOFT Studio

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MOFT Z – Invisible Sit-stand Laptop Desk with 4 Positions

The MOFT Z is a lightweight and convenient sit-stand desk that helps you develop a healthy working posture in the easiest way, keeping you active and productive all day.

One-piece Paper Structure

With the origami-inspired Z structure, MOFT Z provides one mode for standing and three-mode for sitting. It’s designed to offer the heavy laptop user a maximum comfort with maximum freedom on location.

Designed with a continuous one-piece structure. No tool is needed for setup. Stand it up easily when you need it, and unfold it back quickly when you don’t.

As the same size as a magazine, store MOFT Z in any corner. Keep it “invisible” on your desk. So you won’t notice it when you don’t need it.

Less Sitting, Better Health

Sitting all day in the office can be stressful to both your body and mind. A quick switch to standing not only helps you stretch a bit for a relaxing back, but also refreshes your mind with a different angle to see your works.

2 Working Modes (Standing & Sitting)

At Standing Mode, MOFT Z offers a natural height for your palms to rest onto the laptop, and your eyes to look at the screen with no strain or tension.

At Sitting Mode, there are 3 modes to fit your own working style while sitting.

Natural typing with palms resting on your laptop.

Write/read flexible working set-up with peripherals.

Browsing on smaller devices like tablets.

Unlimited Work/Life Space

MOFT Z is the ONLY sit-stand desk that you can use on your laps.

Strong Enough for Heavy Duty

Apart from the rock-steady Z structure and triangle bottom support, the team used the fibre-glass to ensure the toughness of panels and a maximum of 22-lbs weight.

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