An intuitive step-by-step CPR coach to help you save a life!

Knowing how to perform CPR accurately can be the difference between saving a life or losing one. However, not everyone is aware of how to perform CPR, and even those who are can get super nervous in such a stressful situation! Hence, VanBerlo Agency designed LifeSaver, an intuitive CPR coach. LifeSaver provides smart and intuitive CPR guidance, taking you through the entire procedure step-by-step. Not only does it give the rescuer a confidence boost and reduces his/her stress and nervousness, but it enhances the quality of chest compressions as well.

LifeSaver can be mounted on walls at accessible and prominent locations. If someone is suffering from a cardiovascular attack, you simply grab it and press the button for calling 911 below it. So while you perform CPR, the ambulance is on its way! The first instruction provided is to remove the clothes from the chest of the victim. After that, you open the box and remove LifeSaver from it. Place the AED on the chest of the victim, and follow the instructions. OLEDs and touch sensors guide you through the entire process. LifeSaver even helps you with placing the electrodes correctly and guides you regarding the location and rhythm for the chest compressions. Via visual displays and an audio option, LifeSaver gives you critical feedback.

With AEDs like these in public places, people will be equipped to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, increasing the rate of heart attack survival and saving many lives! Not to mention the bright orange star-shaped product is easily visible and doesn’t look very formidable and complicated.

Designer: VanBerlo Agency