Adhesive Audio

Music has the ability to move you, but Sticky Sounds is a speaker that has the ability to make sure the music source doesn’t move itself! It’s triangular (illuminati?) shape gives it a unique aesthetic, while it comes with a robust mounting feature on the back allowing you to pretty much attach it to anything. It uses a GoPro compatible mount, meaning all your GoPro rigs and fixtures can now multitask!

Sticky Sounds is IPX6 Water Proof, because if you can’t mount a speaker to a surfboard, you’re just missing out on one of those beautiful things life has to offer! It comes with an 8 hour battery life and an SD card slot, so you don’t need to connect it to your iPod or phone. Its build is shockingly tough, which means you’re actually encouraged to go wild with this gadget. Mount it on the underside of your skateboard, go skydiving with it. Just don’t throw a Nokia 3310 at it. Or maybe you should, just to check. Do let us know, though!

Designer: London Lazerson

Buy It Here: $39.99 $68.95