Mujjo Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

Our favorite Dutch soft goods brand is back and at it again with a set of leather crochet touchscreen gloves. We’ve tried other touchscreen friendly gloves before but none come close to the quality of Mujjo. I mean, this is some high quality stuff – something you’d associate with fashion instead of function. This is some Versace Versace Versace sh*t! Pardon the language but I’m feeling hype because WINTER IS COMING and these gloves have arrived just in time to keep my hands warm.

They work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen. I can vouch for this since I own their other touchscreen gloves and they continue to work even after accidentally going through the wash. These leather crochet ones are crafted out of Ethiopian lambskin and Egyptian cotton. The crochet pattern exudes craftsmanship and the whole thing stays on your hand via a leather strap that snaps closed from a matte black leather button.

Designer: Mujjo