Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist: Part 2

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay.

The Shell Sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat by Natalia Komarova.

Felix is a miniature sofa with a mesmerizing canopy that takes inspiration from Mexican architectural designs of the 1950s by Christian Vivanco.

The Brick Sofa by Copenhagen designers KiBiSi consists of stacked pillows with fiber concrete buttons!

Beatle’s versatile construction makes it possible to easily switch things up depending on both your spatial and comfort needs. The flexible back can slide all the way around on a built-in rail system, instantly transforming it from sofa to lounge.

The Borghese table, also known as the eponymous sofa, is inspired by the umbrella pines at the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome by La Chance.

In just a couple of simple steps, SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion! The design utilizes a unique metal frame that snaps together to hold a twin-size latex mattress in an upright position that’s perfect for sitting and reading by Biwei Pan.

The furniture collection of Dutch photographer Fien Muller and artist Hannes Van Severen is simple, minimal and beautiful in its use of leather.

MERRICK Sofa takes a new and interesting approach, playing with lines to create a focal point that is bound to hold your attention, designed by architect Micheal K Chen.

An expression of sea waves perception, this piece explores the balance of being quietly alone and shaking with the sea, being isolated from the world while noises still there around you by Artur de Menezes.

The minimally elegant sofa-armchair by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.