Inclusively designed washing machine that takes a new ‘angle’ on doing laundry

Taking everyday home appliances and turning them into inclusive design products is an art and the world needs more of it! While most kitchen appliances have become smarter, tasks like vacuuming the house or doing laundry, require the user to be completely able which makes a lot of people dependent on others. Slip Wash is a concept design for a laundry machine that aims to solve this issue and make independent living possible for wheelchair users.

The usual washing machine takes up more space with the front opening door and makes it harder for the user to navigate around with a wheelchair. Even in the drum washing machine, the height of the opening makes it difficult for a person in the wheelchair to operate it. In Slip Wash, the door slides up and the washing container is in the front, which makes the space less restrictive and reduces the maneuvering and bending the user would usually have to do.

Slip Wash is a concept that can eliminate the space and navigation issue making laundry day a less daunting errand for those in a wheelchair. It is the small things in your day to day life that give you independence and inclusive design a tool that enables us to give that gift of freedom.

Designer: Jiheon Song