Gerber reveals a new folding machete with an innovative two-part butterfly handle

Released as a part of their new 2020 catalog, this is the Doubledown, a powerful, 15-inch machete from Gerber. Made entirely in USA, the Doubledown features a unique butterfly-knife inspired folding handle that encloses the blade when shut. Open it out and you have yourself a 15.1-inch machete that can easily hack through wood or game. A patent-pending 4 lock system engages in 3 positions to ensure safe operation under varying levels of stress, while a 420HC recurve blade lets you chop, cut, and baton with ease.

The two-part handle is pretty unique in the machete world, and one would argue that if there was any company that could pull it off, it would probably be Gerber. When closed, the machete occupies half its size, and even comes with its own MOLLE-compatible sheath that lets you carry it around wherever you go.

Designer: Gerber