Get your childhood unplugged with these innovative treehouse designs!

A treehouse is every child’s fantasy, a safe haven among the trees, somewhere to simply relax and get away from the world. We all may not have had access to treehouses as children, but, it doesn’t mean that we can’t indulge in this fantasy a little as adults! To feed your childhood indulgence, we’ve curated a collection of picturesque treehouses, which could probably serve as options for your next holiday destination!

Somewhere in Mexico City, suspended on a treetop is the Casa Flotante. It translates to floating house, and to be honest, the name completely fits. Designed by Talleresque, this elegant cabin gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air. However, supported by nine stilts, it is firmly bound to the ground. It’s a treehouse for adults!

This beautiful treehouse by Jay Nelson displays perfect craftmanship and woodwork! The twirling stairs, quaint cottage-style architecture, and clean work make me want to sneak into it right away!

Straight out of a fairytale, the PAN Treetop Cabin by Espen Surnevik is located in the forests of Norway. A two-hour drive from Oslo, this treehouse features a spiral staircase leading to the triangular cabin, with a quaint fireplace within to keep you warm. My next winter vacation is planned!

The Montana Treehouse Retreat is an impressive double-decker treehouse perfect for large families! The luxury vacation home is artistically crafted and provides surreal views of the surrounding snowy landscapes.

The Mirrorcube is one of the treehouses at the Treehotel that you can vacation in! Designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, the treehouse is a suspended glass box, wrapped around the trunk of a tree. Its mirrored exterior creates an almost out-worldly visual!

The Pinecone Treehouse by Dustin Fieder of O2 Treehouse stands sixty feet above the ground, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows providing views of the forest around you. You can now sleep while being surrounded by nature!

Located in Guangzhou, China, the Kaiyuan Senbo Resort features treehouse-style villas that truly make you feel you’re at one with the forest and nature. The cascading cabins run one above the other supported by trees and surrounded by lush greenery.

This treetop cabin is part of the collection of treehouses at the Treehotel. Designed by Snøhetta, the treehouse stands ten feet above the ground supported by a tall pine tree. It’s truly a winter wonderland!

Architect Gerardo Broissin designed a transparent treehouse that floats among the trees and vegetation in a Mexico City backyard.

The Sylvan Float Treehouse by The Canopy Crew, with its cute little hammock-style bed, is the perfect getaway from your daily life. A quaint spot to relax and take a breather. Would you consider adding this to your backyard?