Beefing Up Your Old Mobile Phone

Most of us still use ho-hum mobile phones. I don’t say that to be condescending but to create a distinction between most of the mobile concepts we feature – touchscreen pizazz, cameras with crazy megapixel counts, and form factors as thin as crisps. For the rest of us, we still use phones that came free with our carrier plans. Smaller screens, standard numeric keypads, and no fancy software for email and web browsing. Screen2 may just be for you.

Screen2 is a mobile phone dock essentially doubling to tripling your screen real estate. It extends your phone’s standard feature set to include email, web browsing, photo viewing, video watching, document browsing, speaker phoning, and AIM/MSN chatting all via touchscreen. Technically it COULD be used with smartphones like the iPhone or Blackberry but I see a much bigger boon with older mobile phones.

Designer: Lu Le