Beefing Up Your Old Mobile Phone

Most of us still use ho-hum mobile phones. I don’t say that to be condescending but to create a distinction between most of the mobile concepts we feature – touchscreen pizazz, cameras with crazy megapixel counts, and form factors as thin as crisps. For the rest of us, we still use phones that came free with our carrier plans. Smaller screens, standard numeric keypads, and no fancy software for email and web browsing. Screen2 may just be for you.

Screen2 is a mobile phone dock essentially doubling to tripling your screen real estate. It extends your phone’s standard feature set to include email, web browsing, photo viewing, video watching, document browsing, speaker phoning, and AIM/MSN chatting all via touchscreen. Technically it COULD be used with smartphones like the iPhone or Blackberry but I see a much bigger boon with older mobile phones.

Designer: Lu Le



  • jin_woo_han says:

    Nice looking!

  • ben says:

    i can’t imagine how much this thing would cost, you’d be better off getting a new plan, with a nearly free smartphone… old phones probably wouldnt allow you to do many of the things you intend on doing without charging crazy amounts either…

    • Not to mention the plug differences, the fact that most cells from that point in time would probably need severe changes to their operating system, and the very simple obviousness that…THIS THING IS STATIONARY.

  • Lu Le, go back to the drawing board for this.

    When you say “older cellular phones,” I think outdated and largely worthless units like the LG that I have – which is sold by the dozens at Walmart as a prepaid phone and is, in my case, beginning to suffer hardware failure.

    Factors you have to account for are the following:

    First note that a mobile phone is only as good as its operating system. If the phone has an obsolete programming, your phone is obsolete no matter what you connect it to. If you can somehow compensate for this with the Screen2, that’s fine, but I don’t see how that would be plausible.

    Second is that plugs are not universal unless you use a USB jack in which case the location varies from phone to phone.

    As for third, it’s stationary. This would not be an upgrade for a phone, it would merely be a temporary interface. People would still be compelled to buy the latest and greatest MOBILE phone.

    Rework it and tweak it. I like it, but I doubt it will work as-is.

    • Fraser Lu says:

      The title “Beefing Up Your Old Mobile Phone” is not named by me.
      And in fact that Screen2 is not designed for old moblile phone but a smart one.
      It can help us operate the smart mobilephone as easy as PC.We can use the PC to operate the phone by Screen2.
      Using the keyboard of the PC instead of the phone,and the screen of Screen2 instead of the phone too.

  • salkis says:

    this is a great product. wonderfully designed. I have often thought that mobile phones should be used when your are er.. mobile. when u are sitting at ur desk for hours together or at ur home, its better to have a docking station like this with all the connections. I even tried to do this with my computer.

    kudos for this concept. it will become a reality one day. u see

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