Watch lovers rejoice! Watch time unfold with CIGA’s titanium skeleton timepiece

I don’t normally profess a love for complications… unless they are watch complications. There’s a distinct joy in observing mechanical watches and their intricacies, and how multiple pieces of metal choreograph a precisely timed dance to let you literally see time unfold in front of your eyes.

CIGA Design’s Z-Series timepieces feature a handcrafted watch body that encases and showcases. The German Design Award-winning watch comes with a precision-machined Grade-2 Titanium body that surrounds the watch’s custom-made Seagull AAA mechanical movement on the sides, exposing the inner mechanics of the watch on the top and the bottom, so you can both see as well as listen to your watch’s heartbeat.

The watch’s hypnotic mechanical movement sits sandwiched between two layers of scratch-resistant synthetic Sapphire glass. The upper glass’ hyperboloid curvature gives its internal mechanics depth while making sure the case isn’t as thick around the sides. There isn’t a discernible watch face, given its skeletal, transparent nature. The watch’s hands sit directly above the movement, with a beautiful exposed tourbillion meditatively spinning at the 6 o’clock position. The automatic mechanical movement comes with a power reserve of 40 hours and uses your wrist’s motions to charge itself, and a 3ATM rating makes the watch fairly water-resistant. This effectively means that the watch, with its titanium case, can run for centuries on land and water without showing signs of aging!

Each Z-Series watch comes within a beautifully designed case that opens up like a book to reveal the timepiece inside. The watch even comes with a choice between leather and silicone straps (both equally inconsequential because the watch itself is the real show-stopper), and a neat, 2-year warranty.

Designer: CIGA Design

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CIGA Design Z-Series Mechanical Titanium Watch

A sophisticated transparent fully automatic timepiece made from Titanium and Sapphire Crystal that affords its wearer and those around him a chance to marvel at its inner workings and inherent strength.

Grade 2 Titanium Case

Containing the precise mechanics is a shell of Grade 2 Titanium, one of the strongest and most distinctive metals. It has unparalleled corrosion resistance and is 40% stronger and 30% lighter than stainless steel—the current standard for watchmakers.

Customized Seagull AAA-Class Movement ST2553JK

The Seagull AAA automatic self-winding mechanics keep your watch charged without the need for batteries. The natural movement of your wrist literally energizes your watch and makes its wheels and gears move. As you move, a spring winds, storing energy for up to 40 hours. No manual winding required!

– Energy storage of 40 hours
– Movement frequency of 21,600 times/hour
– Movement error range: -15 to +30 seconds/ 24 hours

SEAGULL is one of the largest manufactures for movements. The brand is known for its advanced technology and precision. CIGA Design is proud to own a customized version for the watches.

Curved Sapphire Crystal Watch Face

Smooth, curvaceous and incredibly strong, just like you need your watch to be. The glass face is fashioned from 1.2mm hyperboloid artificial sapphire for ultimate scratch resistance. Only diamond is stronger.

Fully Transparent Design

Curious about how the intricacy of watch works inside out? Their fully hollow design allows you to see through every part of the mechanics. Giving you the ownership to admire the craftsmanship of the watch at a deeper level. Through their watches, they want you to see, feel and own the watch at work on your wrist.

Skin Friendly

Titanium is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and is widely used in medical, jewelry and other manufacturing industries.

A Gift, Artwork & a Heart Beating Journey

Click Here To Buy Now: $244 $380 (35%). Hurry, only 5 left for YD readers. Raised over $1,000,000.