The Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is an all-metal wallet that looks great and lasts forever

For too long have wallets been constrained by thick sheets of leather, glue, and thread. There’s little place in the digital world for thick, bifold wallets, when cards last for decades and lesser people are carrying hard cash around with them. The Dango M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is a different breed of wallet for an evolved, different age of currency and payment. It features a slim, lightweight, precision-machined aluminum construction and securely grips your cards with a tough silicone band… and unlike leather, denim, or Tyvek wallets, the M1 Maverick Rail Wallet is waterproof, robust and rugged, lasts centuries, and doesn’t create a thick, unsightly bulge when you slip it into your pocket.

Dango has been at the very forefront of the wallet and EDC game, starting with a simple product called the Loop Hook back in 2015. 5 years in, Dango’s products include a variety of wallets, EDC, belts, and even watches… all passionately designed to push the boundaries of design, functionality, and manufacturing. The M1 Maverick Rail is Dango’s first all-metal wallet, with a precision-machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum frame. The wallet is characterized by a slim, robust design with 2 sides to it: An RFID protected side for your payment cards, as well as an RFID exposed side for transit cards, library cards, and ID cards. The cards slide right into the wallet with a satisfying click, and the M1 Maverick Rail’s open-back design lets you easily slide cards out using your thumb.

The cards are secured in place using a silicone band, a signature detail in all of Dango’s wallets. The band allows you to add as many as 9 (or even more) cards into the wallet’s enclosure, and the silicone + aluminum build allows the M1 Maverick Rail wallet to be water and weather-proof. If you do, however, want to carry banknotes, slide them right under the band and they’ll stay there no matter what. The M1 Maverick Rail Wallet’s tiny, card-sized profile allows it to slide easily into pockets, while also fitting into your grip perfectly as you use the wallet either to make payments or to scan your cards at kiosks and terminals. Besides, it occupies a fraction of the space compared to bulky leather bifolds, while practically storing the same amount of cards… and even lasting decades in the process!

Designer: Thuan Tran of Dango Products

Click Here To Buy Now: $98.10 $109 (10% off). YD readers can get 10% off with code YANKO10.

M1 Maverick Rail Wallet

Inspired by open identification badges and IDs, this wallet delivers style and function in the most minimal manner.

Made of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and is machined to perfection. The M1 Maverick Rail Wallet has 2 sides to it: An RFID protected side as well as an RFID exposed side.

On one end, The M1 Maverick chassis has a traditional Dango cavity encapsulated by a metal backplate for RFID protection. In addition, a grippy silicone band hugs the frame and holds cash and additional cards.

On the other end, It’s unique frontal design and patent pending quick release rail mechanism allows not only easy access to cards, but also a way to easily scan without having to take them out – extremely useful for displaying identification, badges or accessing secured buildings and public transportation.

Click Here To Buy Now: $98.10 $109 (10% off). YD readers can get 10% off with code YANKO10.