Tea Light Supernova in the Sky

I always end up buying too many tea lights for Halloween pumpkins, but maybe this chandelier one-off from Daniel Becker can help put the extras to good use. Using ~140 tea light settings with low wattage bulbs replacing live flames, “Tee Licht” would make a sharp addition to any room. As a bonus, you could hook it up to a rope come New Year’s and use it for your own personal crystal ball drop.

Designer: Daniel Becker


  • StanJoukIsHot says:

    i dont like the name, but it looks alright…

  • Henrique Staino says:

    It looks alright alright, but I don’t see what deserves a mention in this design..

  • Carl says:

    Ok even if these ‘low wattage’ lamps are 1w each it does not take proffessor Hawking to work out thats a 140w luminaire.! thats a little high.

    point 2 how much profit from the design goes to castiglioni for ripping him off?


  • kasorp says:

    Carl, I don’t agree concerning the rip off – the lights are completely different in their appearance and have totally different constructions, too! Look at this one, it is empty inside without cables…seems that the current runs through the structure.

  • Carl says:

    Hey Kasorp thanks for your opinion. whats your take on the 140w for a modern day lamp?

  • kasorp says:

    You are right in this point, that’s for sure not very economic – but I can overlook that as it’s a one-off without (?) intention for serial production.

  • Carl says:

    even the Castiglioni version is very poor for energy use and that was/is in serial production. even if this was a single commission surely the designer should have greater responsibility for energy use. Finally i would like to measure the temperature of this after a few hours use. if it is over a certain amount it would not pass regulations anyway as it would be ‘cooking’ the wires..

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