We all could use an unbreakable Tesla Cyberphone

Riding the wave of memes are also some pretty neat looking conceptual designs based on Tesla’s ‘polarizing’ Cybertruck design. LEGO enthusiast BrickinNick made a pretty cool replica of the truck out of LEGO bricks, and our favorite Jonas Daehnert, better known as the Phone Designer, put together a conceptual phone styled on the angular pickup truck.

Meet the Cyberphone… an indestructible mobile with a 7-inch screen and nifty stainless steel finish. Flip the phone over and it begins really looking like its inspiration. An angled design with a windscreen-esque black glass on the upper half, and a slatted lower half resembling the truck’s vaulted bed. Under the ‘windshield’ lies a triple camera setup, but what really has my eye is the nifty strip-light on the top, modeled after the Cybertruck’s headlights, that I assume works either as a flash or a notification light. Plus, extra points to the designer for rendering out this beauty on a marble surface, paying a hat-tip to the Cybertruck’s marble interiors.

Don’t expect this smartphone to bend… or blend.

Designer: Jonas Daehnert