The iWorkCase laptop bag gives photographers an outdoor editing studio

This MacGyverian briefcase is actually poised to be a photography must-have. Designed to boost productivity, save time, and help achieve finesse, the iWorkCase V3 16 is a laptop case designed for seasoned outdoor photographers. With space on the inside for a laptop, an external battery and hard-drive, the iWorkCase carries your laptop to shooting locations and opens out practically into a dark room of sorts to let you easily view and edit photos and videos just minutes after taking them.

With an in-built laptop-stand and even a foldout sun-hood, the iWorkCase mounts right on a tripod to give you a makeshift editing studio when you’re shooting outdoors, letting you clearly view your media on a screen in the correct dark setting. Set up the iWorkCase with the laptop and connect it to your camera and you can instantly shoot, view, and edit photos on the spot without needing to waste time (and lose out on creative ideas) by heading back to your studio/office to quality-check your work.

The iWorkCase V3 16 perfectly fits a 16-inch MacBook and comes with a custom foam inlay to store all your equipment, from batteries to hard-drives, and cables, along with an Arca Swiss tripod mount that lets you set your editing studio up anywhere on any sort of terrain. When you’re finally satisfied with your photoshoot, the iWorkCase folds down into a compact, sturdy briefcase that protects your expensive equipment on its journey back to your real studio. The case even comes with a 10-year warranty.

Designer: iWorkCase