Grovemade’s logo-esque keyring is also a carabiner clip and a bottle-opener

Crafted from a single high-strength 7075 aluminum billet, Grovemade’s keyring has a distinct appeal. The circular keyring comes with an incomplete circular form that lets you slide it right into belt-loops without requiring spring-loaded moving parts, and also a keyring loop, well, for your keys.

The Grovemade Aluminum Keyring is a reimagination of carabiners, with its robust, circular, confident form. A slit in the circle helps bring drama to the design and also helps it slide easily into belt-loops on pants, while a lip on the inside of the keyring lets it double as a nifty bottle-opener. A perfect combination of simplicity and class, with a little zest of function.

Designer: Grovemade