The Real Tumble Dry

So loving this Bike Washing Machine concept! The ideal way to exercise and get laundry done at one go! How effective will the cleaning be? That depends on how good you are at cycling, isn’t it!

Designer: Li Huan


  • mike the g says:

    i don’t think this is a good idea to laundry. i bet it would have fabric problem if it stops for few minute. you would have to paddle the whole time

  • Al says:

    Will definitely introduce this to my mom LOL

  • ilshat says:

    Li, I believe that you have a great future.
    Great idea.

  • wow says:

    nice job

  • Jack says:

    Washing machines require a lot of things not considered here:

    -Hot water input
    -Cold water input
    -spray for water

    -clock wise and counter clockwise cycles to encourage tumbling of clothes, not just spinning them in one direction (the clothes need to tumble to get the most cleaning out of the load.
    -a very fast spin cycle to wring out waste water.

    intentions are good but I doubt this is a smart design due to practical reasons.

  • sharan goud says:

    how much of cost and which type of water we can use cold or water or salty water

  • ROY CHAVEZ says:

    where can i buy i want thoseeee

  • ROY CHAVEZ says:

    i want it where can i buy

  • artyisgood says:

    All my cogratulation for this wonderful project! It is so green, healthy and ecological! I would love to try it in France if you need someone to test it!
    How much will it cost?

  • tsarion says:

    Hello tօ all, the contents present at this web site are
    truly awesome for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  • Alain Bos says:

    Hi mr. Luan,

    I’d like to buy one if it costs about 499 euro’s incl. shipping 🙂
    I think this is an amazing discovery and if you build & sell one via crowdfunding, I would be one of the first to be able to invest in such a machine !!

    kind regards

  • Alain Bos says:

    please keep me updated about the machine’s progress !!

  • Kevin says:

    Please let me know when they are available to buy…Please 🙂

  • Roberto says:

    I want it.

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