Hubless Wonder

Miroslav Hundak’s FB R2000S concept is loosely based on the BMW R1200S, a Boxer model renowned for sporting performance and dynamic riding characteristics. The athletic look of the FB R2000S is contrasted with a particular touch of lightness in the form of not 2, but 3 hubless wheels with independent suspension and minimal fairings that in combination simply exude power and dynamism. Engineers will have their rightful criticisms, but there’s no denying that it looks fun to ride! Hit the jump for a sweet vid!

Designer: Miroslav Hundak


  • marcomaccioni says:

    seems nice…but seems also that plastic fairings will brake in thousands of pieces once the bike is turned on…

  • Quintin says:

    Oh, the engineers will indeed. 🙂

    I already look forward to the first tire change.

    And I really don’t see the need for two rear wheels.. That system to keep both wheels on the road with the same pressure looks like a complicated and unnecessary nightmare.
    Just go with one hubless wheel at each end, your design will be impressive enough…

    I’m also loving the very small exhaust mufflers. I don’t think you’ll get this on the road in any country with laws about exhaust noise…

    Such a modern design and then use an ‘old fashioned’ ICE engine… If you’re going all out, then use something equally futuristic for that… 😉

    And I just noticed something else. You’ll be making incredible noises while standing still. How is the power transferred from the engine to the wheels?

  • blah says:

    what rendering program did u use? looks great!

  • Tim says:

    Well Quintin, all that technical mumbo-jumbo is what the Engineers are here for, right?

  • همراز says:

    mmmmmm good

  • michael says:

    How can you turn the front wheel? the yoke is in the way if there is a pivot on that arm. you have to disconnect the front swing arm and the suspension to change the tire? considering you will only go in a straight line anyway you are going to hit something soon and be changing the front wheel as well. of coarse you will have to be going down hill because the engine isn’t connected to the back wheel. unless it has a “magic” power transfer of some sort. “magic” breaks too appearently. awe heck, just do a magic tire change too.

  • MDesigns says:

    Impressive video and presentation. I do agree with Quintin, but nice job nevertheless.

  • carboncanyon says:

    Nice presentation, mediocre design.

    I shrug when a bike’s design depends on silly cliches like hubless wheels and a front swingarm to look futuristic. Are those technologies available? Of course. Will the bike handle like absolute crap? Yes it will. How would this bike look with conventional wheels and suspension? Very ordinary.

  • I sincerely apologize to all mechanic savy people who stumbled upon this design. Bike was originaly designed for NVArt challange with the theme being the future of transport.

    As a bike rider and a person aware of the laws of physics, I fully realize there are some pretty ridiculous parts to this design.

    I’ll try to adress some questions nevertheless:
    – after badly crashing ’03 ZX-6R and trying to piece it back together I was suprised to find that the weight of the front fairing was supported only by the plastic air intake protruding from the airbox :O
    – the rims are electro-motors; the electric gen. is bolted directly to the ICE; I don’t care if it’s not green, or doesn’t run on dilithium matrix; the idea was to put linear torque of electro-motors to good use, hence 2 rear wheels to increase traction and the rear wheel suspension is obviously nonsensical and would require different solution; I copied the Öhlins shocks just because they look good
    – there is no mechanical connection between steering column and the front wheel, it’s all magic… there was something nice A.C.Clarke said about magic but it escapes me at the moment
    – I think the bike would handle great, but we’ll never know 🙂

    Modeled in Modo, animated and rendered in 3dsmax with VRay.

    I appreciate all your honest remarks and thank you for taking the time to look at my design.

  • this is a perfect design i love it

  • WULIE says:


  • jesus says:

    good intention, but think a little more the details

  • Jimmy C says:

    That’s a pretty good looking bike. I hope that third wheel wont throw it off balance though.

  • Sarreq Teryx says:

    I realize this is just a CG mockup, but I’m not seeing any obvious way for the motor to actually drive any of the wheels. is there a hidden transmission? or possibly electric rim motors?

  • Thank you for inquiring. Yes, the idea was that rims would serve as electro-motors. Conversly, they would also serve as brakes, though addin a normal, friction brakes would probably be a good idea.

    The el. generator is bolted to the ICE, or in some iteration the space below crankshaft could be used as well, because I imagine such generator cannot be made too small… as yet.

    There’s a giant capacitor below the seat that, in theory, should serve as a buffer, because the actual throttle doesn’t control the ICE directly. A bit more sofisticated FBW system would be required to correctly divide the power between all wheels as road and riding conditions require. The ICE would burn fuel when neccessary at it’s optimal rpms. The battery is for all other electricals onboard and as a 2nd stage buffer for power delivery. I don’t have schematics yet and I don’t plan to make any. 🙂

    I hoped noone would take this design too literaly as it’s only an amalgam of ideas, but I know people can’t help themselves and I welcome all the questions and inquiries.

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