Future needs designs like this flat-packing electric scooter that comes with its own automated storage system!

In a world that is getting more crowded by the day, where there’s hardly any place to walk, let alone drive our cars, compact means of personal transportation have gained immense momentum. Innovative and exciting designs have been coming up for electric scooters, e-bikes, and even skateboards! There could be a world where everyone will be zipping by on their little electric vehicles. Upholding such a vision in mind, and to meet the needs of such a world, Ekaterina Tiholova designed her version of an electric scooter, and to be honest…it looks like a flat-packed one!

Designer: Ekaterina Tiholova

Tiholova’s scooter features a plain black base supported by two bulbous wheels. Its metallic grey and matte black looks are eye-catching, with a flash of lime yellow where you hold onto the handle, sealing the deal. The intricately treaded front wheel leads up to a quadrilateral-shaped handle, the scooter’s most unique feature!

The handle provides you with a strong grip, allowing you to maneuver the electric scooter, however, when not in use it can be folded back so that it lays directly above the base of the scooter. Once folded, the scooter resembles a sleek platform, one that can be easily stored away. But the designer planned for that as well!

To support her vision for a world where electric personal transportation reigns supreme, she designed an automated storage area for the flat-packed scooters, and it makes me feel like I’m in 2050 already! At first glance, the storage space looks like a mini nuclear reactor!

At the entrance, the designer has incorporated a long narrow slot to place the scooter upon, which can be controlled using a touch panel on one side. Once inside the different scooters are stored at various levels, forming a neat capsule.

When the scooters are needed, they can be easily accessed, unfolded, and started up! As convenient, space-saving and efficient Tiholova’s design scheme seems, the fact is that it’s still a concept. Could it become a reality anytime soon, or more importantly could such a design work in the future? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!