Water Purifying Bridge

This bridge proposal for the Amsterdam canals follows the form of a water vortex, pumping dirty canal water through steel tubes while creating a current to replace it with fresh water while also easing the cleanup process of the current boat system. The bridge also acts as a sanctuary for birds attracted to the clean water and even features a coffee shop for the many cyclists and pedestrians who would cross every day.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic


  • Nathan says:

    I’m having a hard time processing these visuals. By the description it sounds like the proposed design would suck up canal water in an attempt to purify it?? This doesn’t seem like a feasible idea due to the volume of water in question. Also, I don’t see the coffee shop… or much of amsterdam, for that matter. These boards aren’t finished.

  • Sander says:

    There is not much of Amsterdam in these visuals? It is hard to understand where the concept fit the city.
    Apart from that, Margo wasn’t interested in the water management of city of Amsterdam.

    Since the 13th century, the seepage and rainwater in the polders in the region around Amsterdam is collected in ditches, canals and waterways and ported to the city of Amsterdam pumped bosom.

    In a normal water level, the water flows through the canals and locks open to the IJ. Through the North Sea at IJmuiden spuisluis and the water is discharged through sewers to the North Sea.

    On a yearly basis billions of litres fresh rain water flush the Amsterdam canals.

  • Shik-kai says:

    I agree with Nathan and Sander , the visuals need much more work, but I do like the design and the idea behind it. The flow and shape of the bridge is very cool and fresh

  • Carole says:

    Don’t understand the visuals. There isn’t enough context. Not finished enough. Can’t see the bridge, start, end, cafe…Needs more work for normal people to visualise it. The idea sounds great.

  • Kym Stewart says:

    Good to see people thinking about these ideas but more detailed drawings and notes to explain the function are required .An upgrade to include the potential for energy generation would enhance the demand for the deliverable.
    Kym Stewart

  • Cory Osborn says:

    As a current resident of Amsterdam, it would great to find out where such an installation would be integrated. Regardless, some work needs to be done on the presentation language. There’s a big difference between a “coffeeshop” and a “café”, as I’m assuming you were referring to the latter 😉

  • Margot krasojevic says:

    More drawings. details and images showing a clear relationship to the city will be posted on my website shortly. They all do exist, this just happens to be a edited series of images.

  • Tony Koja says:

    Is it just me. Am having really hard understanding those pics.

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