This luxuriously minimal wooden tree is designed to meet your cat and your needs!

Are you a cat person? Well, I am, and if you are a cat person or a cat owner like me, you know the amount of attention and care that goes into looking after them. They’re fussy and prissy, worthy of all the luxuries the world has to offer! But what about the pet-owners? While our cats hold the center of our attention, we don’t want to compromise the aesthetic value of our homes as well. To please our feline friends and their owners, product designer Yoh Komiyama collaborated with Tokyo-based Rinn to create the NEKO Cat Tree, and to be honest, it’s pretty modern and fancy!

Designer: Yoh Komiyama with Rinn

The column-like structure features a marble base, with the marble being sourced from Greece. The cool marble helps your cat regulate and monitor its body temperature. Wood sourced from the forests in the Hida region of Japan was used to craft the series of dowels that make up the majority of the column.

The dowels encircle a pillar shrouded with hemp cord, which supports three circular levels, acting as comfy platforms for your cat to relax on!

The wooden dowels provide your cat with its own personal area, however the even spaces in between allow it to catch glimpses of its surrounding and you, so it always feels connected!

While the hemp wrapped pillar acts as a scratching post for your furry friend.

Each level has been coated with a soft layer of grey Kvadrat, only the best for you pet! One side of the tree opens up like a door, giving you swift access to the interior.

The craftsmanship that went into creating the tree is centuries old and utilizes the Japanese broad-leaved trees. The wooden dowels are combined via an intricate method known as “Dabo”. Dabo abandones nails, and uses only small wooden rods to join the larger bars. Each wooden bar is then coated with urethane, to make them resistant to the sharp claws of our cats!

Not only is the NEKO Cat Tree a fun and exciting design for our pets, but the care and precision with which it was created, and its minimal warm aesthetics make it a decorative piece worthy of being placed in our homes! You’re going to receive a lot of appreciation for this intriguing piece.