A Logitech-inspired Braille calculator concept for the visually impaired!

Almost 285 million people in the world are visually impaired, with 39 million suffering from blindness, and another 246 million having low vision. In an attempt to cater to the needs of the visually impaired, designer Merve Nur Sökmen designed a Logitech-inspired Braille calculator. The concept calculator was designed while paying the utmost attention to the functional requirements of the visually impaired.

The calculator consists of two sections. The left side represents the Braille numbers and all the activity is displayed on it. The right side consists of groups of buttons. Each group of button features a unique surface finishing, so they’re easily distinguishable and identifiable by the users. The number buttons possess a concave surface, with a hard and rough finishing. The functions buttons, on the other hand, feature a convex surface, with a soft and smooth finishing. The main equation button is larger compared to the other buttons. Combined with its skin-like texture with a soft finishing, it is easy to locate. One side of the calculator has been equipped with speakers, allowing for an audio narration of all the activities and the entire operation. Amped with Bluetooth connectivity, one can easily sync the calculator with other wireless devices of their choice. An auxiliary port allows headphone connection as well.

While designing the Braille calculator, Merve ensured that it should be as ergonomic and user-friendly as possible for the visually impaired, but she also took its aesthetics into consideration. Its sleek tabular form, smart buttons, and a neutral color scheme make it a modern calculator that would look good on any desk…and one that might just catch the attention of Logitech!

Designer: Merve Nur Sökmen

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