The electric toothbrush gets a chic, lush, forest-essentials makeover

Just because 9 out of 10 dentists recommend you use an electric toothbrush doesn’t mean toothbrushes need to look like specialized dental equipment. Meet the Forest Electric Toothbrush, a lush-looking tropically styled toothbrush that sits well with your expensive shampoos, conditioners, and bath bombs. The Forest Electric Toothbrush ditches the usual design language and color scheme previously set by brushes made by dental companies for something more in keeping with the relaxing style of a well-decorated bathroom. Simple lines, a texture inspired by a forest of overarching trees, and a glorious olive-green color makes the Forest Electric Toothbrush stand out, but in a way that also complements your space.

By relooking the very design language of the toothbrush, the Forest Electric Toothbrush helps change the mindset of the person using it by evoking a sense of calm, freshness, and indulgence… much like the clear difference in the experience of using a clinical shampoo versus something from Bath and Bodyworks. The Forest brush comes with a single-button interface and features a standard interchangeable head system. It even comes with a minimally designed wireless charging dock that’s as simple and refreshing looking as the brush itself!

Designer: Second White