Weight scale with a spin

Oh the dread of standing on your bathroom’s weight scale. That anxiety you feel as you step onto a device that most of the time delivers only disappointing news. Well get over the fact that you have been a little self indulgent lately and probably should have avoided having that daily Starbuck’s coffee milkshake with luscious whip cream, rich chocolate shavings and smooth chocolate syrup drizzled over crunchy toffee crumbles.…. guuuuuu… heart attack in a cup…..(drool). Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so you are a fat pig and being told that by your scale pretty much sucks. Well now it can be more fun with this latest design by phenom Jaren Goh. His “Fullscale” weight scale design is a novel and fun way to find out just how bad you been. Stand on the scale and go for a ride as you are spun towards your magic number. Simple, fun and still depressing, kind of like dating a playmate.

Designer: Jaren Goh

Texts from the designer:

Stand onto a weighing scale and you see two regions, the “viewing” region and the “foot rest” region. Instead of separating the “viewing” and the “foot rest” region, I took both of these elements and combine them into a singular and harmonious feature. Therefore now the “foot rest” is also the “viewing” region. Instead it offers to show the whole dial, which there is not a need to hide it. The dial becomes the façade of the product. It functions just like a normal scale should but will produce a different first user experience.


  • zippyflounder says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm so if you stand on the scale looking down at the zero, and you get spun say to 70 kilos, the display is now behind your back where you cant see it with out a mirror…….or you stand where you guess your weight should be, go for a ride….ok, a pretty stupid product that will only be cool if your a kid, on drugs, or have short term memory disorder….it gets a 1.3 on zippys kool scale, 10 being rock on good.

    • Ian says:

      There seems to be a clear covering over the entire scale, so you’re stepping on that, not the dial.

      • zippyflounder says:

        ok i see now, thanks for the heads up.

      • Gilbert says:

        Ian is right, but the article says “Stand on the scale and go for a ride as you are spun towards your magic number.” The person who wrote this article is incorrect. If you go to http://www.jarengoh.com you can see this product ion the portfolio and there’s a note in bold saying “Take note: The user DO NOT stand onto the dial itself. The dial is infact under a reinforced PC.”

        So the user does not spin, they stand on a clear surface and the dial spins under them. There should be an update to this article by Mr. Anthony James to clarify this mistake.

  • Ken says:

    The Picture is kind of confusing coz we don’t know which one is the one that spinning. If it’s the inner circle, than will be a hard time reading measurement. If the number locate at the other side and the pointer inside…. that’s might be better….!

  • brad says:

    I think i get it, the user stand on the transparent plate and the dial turns and show the weight eh? That’s simple yet interesting. 🙂

  • stacy says:

    Sweet, i want one.

  • lq says:

    how much does it costs?

  • Migo says:

    So what’s the difference between this and a traditional scale? Basically it’s a traditional scale with a clear top, right?

  • Lim says:

    Yah…i find it stupid…It is no different from the traditional type, just that this design having the whole surface exposed while the traditional one covered.

    Seriously, i dont see any new user experience here…

  • Denise says:

    Only up to 120 lbs.??

    –OHH, nm, just saw….kilos. Much more usable. /calmsdown

  • Mads Tonder says:

    Is this weight scale on the market yet?

    kind regards

  • UV says:

    Spinning an entire human body around??? thats kinda nutters aint it?
    why not just have a spinning entire dial instead?
    You have a stationery circular standing area (So you stand like you do on a normal weighing scale) and you have a weighing dial (around the stationery dial on the outside) that spins to indicate your weight..

  • VC* says:

    sounds fun, but wouldn't you end up facing in the wrong direction? you wouldn't be able to read the scale if you turned 180 degrees.

    if they fixed that somehow, it'd be awesome.

  • Annette says:

    Well, this is certainly different. I get motion sick fairly easy, so lets hope it is the outer dial that spins and I stay facing in the same direction I was.

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