Aromatic Alarms!


Ever woken up to the smell of fresh coffee, or sizzling bacon, or just the fragrance of your loved one? Smell has a way to invigorate you in a way that sound can’t. The Mojo fragrance alarm relies on that property by using fragrances to wake you up so you feel absolutely refreshed and vibrant!

The Mojo’s design is innovative and has a clever detail. The fragrance grill takes inspiration from the Fibonacci arrangement in a flower, making a rather clever reference to the way humans smell lowers for their unique and pleasing fragrances. While the idea of waking up to fragrances isn’t for everyone, Mojo works as a conventional alarm clock too. Either set your alarm time and fragrance manually on the Mojo, or use the Mojo app to configure when you want to wake up, and to what aroma!

Designer: Komal Rathi