Recreating Daylight by Daniel Rybakken

Daylight in a room gives a feeling that the space you are in, is lager that the physical room. A sign of something beyond the four walls of the room. The concept is targeted for a Scandinavian user-group. In Scandinavia, long periods of the year has a limited daylight. A Danish report shows that there’s only 7-10% of the Scandinavian population that is not affected by daylight. When daylight in a room is removed, the feeling of space decreases, and the contrast between outdoor and indoor increases. For some of us this can give a feeling of closeness, to be alone or lonely. A social block. The idea is to create an unconscious feeling of an expanded room, through an illusion of natural daylight. The concept is to create a blurred window. A dynamic recreation of daylight by creating artificial shadows from objects outside of the physical room.

The idea is that the user can have a complete interaction through a computer with the dynamics from changing the light colour, the amount + speed of the shadows, to setting a time to be woken by daylight. The effect is created by the individual dimming of several light, placed in a net behind a semitransparent surface.

Designer: Daniel Rybakken