Architectural Designs that use glass to create a perfect fairy tale setting

Architectural designs have the ability to breathe life into cities and towns. Though usually associated with modern design, glass structures have a way of giving a fresh look to any space, giving that space a constantly changing view that manages to encapture and enthrall the viewers. The collection featured here hero’s glass as a material of choice, designed to transport you to a fantasy-filled world where fairy tales can come to life!

Designed by Doug Aitken, the Mirage in Gstaad, Switzerland is completely sheathed by panels of mirrors. The structure reflects its surrounding landscapes, that are the snow-capped mountains and icy terrains of the Swiss. The Mirage looks like it’s jumped straight out of a fairytale!

Studio OV-A designed the beautiful headquarters for the Prague-based glassmaking company Lasvit. The apt and intricate use of glass in the architectural structure is an ode to the city’s age-old glass blowing tradition.

Designed by Herzog and De Meuron, the 56 Leonard building in New York has been nicknamed the Jenga building. Featuring 60 stories, the skyscraper boasts cantilevered balconies, that add to its translucent appeal.

These glass and timber holiday cabins located at the Manshausen Island Resort by Norwegian architect Snorre Stinessen overhang the coastline of Norway’s Manshausen Island, providing a base for Arctic Circle explorers. And their special feature? A glass-extension that gives you unparalleled views from your bed itself!

RDHA transformed a post office from the late 1800s in Cambridge, Ontario into a glass wonder. By adding glazed glass additions, one which subtly rises over the Grand River, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, RDHA managed to add a touch of sophisticated modernity to a classic piece of architecture.

The Hard Rock Hotel in Florida is the world’s first guitar-shaped hotel! Designed by Klai Juba Wald Architecture + Interiors, the 34-story building features an all-glass ensemble, adding an electric thrill to the electric guitar!

The Day House by Alex Nerovnya is a stunning combination of translucent glass surfaces and an intriguing geometric form. This quaint cabin is the perfect holiday destination!

The Changsha Hua Centre by Aedas Architects looks like a quirky mishmash of glass cliffs and caves. Drawing inspiration from the tourist destination Hangjiajie in Hunan, the center features two twisted towers connected by a sky bridge.

Designed by Ole Scheeren, the MahaNakhon in Bangkok is a translucent marvel! Featuring a pixelated look, the various sections of the skyscraper shift and break apart, creating ideal spots for balconies and terraces.

Though a concept, The Little Library by ANTIREALITY, is the ideal spot to catch up on some reading. Its one-of-a-kind geometric glass windows provide surreal views of the surrounding landscape.

The Mira Tower by Studio Gang is a 400-feet twisting tower. Its spiraling form and reflective windows give the impression that the building is straight out of another dimension!