A Celebration of Metal


Materials dictate people’s first impressions of a product, and the HTC 10 literally shines! Wrapped in military-grade aluminum and finished with zirconium bead blasting for a premium feel and appearance, the new flagship smartphone is a deliberate celebration of metal. Defining the design is the 10’s immediately recognizable and distinctive visual feature: the 3.3mm chamfer that runs around the outer edge and gives the phone a bold new silhouette.

There’s more to the 10’s design than its visual distinction. The chamfer accentuates the iconic curved back of earlier HTC models, which gives the phone a comfortable, yet precise, feel in the hand. That comfort is brought around to the front, as well. The glass is rounded along the edges to make an elegant transition from the metal, smoothly brushing the user’s face when making calls.

Two parts, that’s it! One goal for this new flagship device was to improve the build quality and construction. In order to do that, the team at HTC Design dramatically reduced the part count to just two pieces, metal and glass.

Designer: HTC Design