Inspired by a tree branch, this humidifier doubles up as a mood lamp!


In our daily modern lives, it is very easy to find ourselves prone to stress and anxiety. And the original stress reliever of yesteryears has always been nature. In an attempt to make our everyday lives a little calmer, product designers Seungkyun Kim and Jaegon Yoo designed Branche.

Branche is a humidifier and a mood lamp, all in one! Branche takes its inspiration from nature and is, in fact, a beautiful reinterpretation of it. Branche, as its name suggests, looks exactly like the branch of the tree, with a little accompanying leaf. The branch-like portion of Branche, functions as the humidifier, with steam billowing from the top. Whereas the bottom half which holds the water, also contains the mood lamp. The mood lamp and the humidifier combined give the impression of a branch floating in the water. The lamp emanates a soft glow, calming one instantly.

You can place Branche on your work desk or in your room, and instantly experience the sensation of being close to nature. It humidifies and lights up any space it is placed in, while also retaining a subtle connection to nature! Available in neutral colors of black and white, both versions represent the different faces of nature; the icy wintery one, as well as the duskier autumn one.

Designers: Seungkyun Kim and Jaegon Yoo