This uniquely colorful scooter comes with an ergonomic twist!

A bundle of fun and quirkiness meets personal transportation in Désormeaux/Carrette Studio’s creation, La Galoche, a feisty kick scooter. Crafted from aeronautical aluminum, La Galoche possesses a geometrically curvaceous form, slithering through the air, while occupying minimal space. If everyone were to hop on a La Galoche, traffic congestion would reduce considerably. Its colorful and cheerful aesthetics are reminiscent of a race car from the 60s or 70s, with a wide option of customizations and accessories. You can pick out color combinations, wooden covers for your wheels, and more!

The handlebar of the scooter is indeed handy. Replacing the traditional straight steering column with a column that has a unique bend in it, this new shape lets you attach the scooter onto any kind of street furniture, such as a bench, lamp post, pole, mailbox, etc. Boasting a leather handlebar and a wooden platform to you set your foot, what makes La Galoche even more portable and compact is its perfectly integrated, and not to mention patented folding system. Whenever you’re tired of zipping around on your scooter, you can fold it up, pushing together its upper and lower half to create one long carry on. La Galoche’s curvy structure provides a perfectly ergonomic hollow opening for you to rest the scooter on your arms or your back. A leather strap in its center also works as a handle, to carry it around everywhere with ease. There’s even a tiny headlight right above the scooter’s front wheel to light up your path in the dark!

I fell in love with La Galoche at first sight! Its exuberant aesthetics take us back to our childhood when we were always on the lookout for the most eccentric and colorful bicycles. Though it is more convenient and compact than the bicycles of our younger years, La Galoche still manages to incite the same delight we felt on hopping on our dear little cycles! Highly functional, and perfect for the bustling city life, La Galoche reminds us that adulthood can be a little fun and frivolous too!

Designer: Désormeaux/Carrette Studio