This turntable-inspired mini speaker will give you a pocketful of nostalgia

The Mini Speaker is a speaker that promises to take you to a place where the past and present collide! Not only do they collide, but they merge together to create one incredible audio experience. Unlike your regular Bluetooth speakers with their sleek futuristic forms, the Mini Speaker takes inspiration from the retro vinyl record players!

Shaped after a vinyl record player, the speaker features a little platform and a turntable as well! And here’s where it gets even more interesting, this speaker is in fact…mini. Showcasing a compact minute structure, the speaker is extremely portable, something you could carry along in your pocket! Attach a chain or string to its nifty handle, and carrying it about becomes even easier. Rolling mechanisms on either side of the handle, allow you to switch the device on and off, as well as control the volume.

The Mini Speaker is perfect for all the audiophiles who would love a bit of nostalgia but find the regular vinyl record players too cumbersome and hectic to manage. The Mini Speaker promises to take you down memory lane, in the most efficient and portable manner ever.

Available in interesting shades such as a butter yellow, mint green and a neutral black, the Mini Speaker is a fun retro-esque way to listen to music, simply connect it to your smartphone, and listen to your music on the go!

Designer: Second White