Two portable speakers meet to create one 360-degree modular speaker!

Nowadays, speaker designs are getting innovative by the day! However, there’s a certain appeal to modular speakers that I simply cannot deny. One such example is Mindaugas Petrikas’ Hevi speaker. Crafted from a mixture of rough concrete and wood, Hevi is a 360-degree modular speaker, with a warm and rustic aesthetic. With a glossy plastic plate stuck right in the middle of it, a surreal modern contrast is created to the otherwise homely materials, that are wood and concrete.

What makes Hevi even more interesting is that it dissociates into two speakers! The top portion of Hevi consists of a mid-high frequency speaker, whereas the lower portion is a mid-low frequency speaker. The two can be detached, allowing you to carry either of the speakers wherever you wish. The compact upper speaker is, of course, the more portable option, something you could even carry for your outdoor adventures! When combined, both the speakers create a resounding high-quality sound.

Both the speakers face the glossy plastic curved plate, forming an intricate reel, and the plate allows the sound to bounce off it, moving outwards to create a 360-degree audio experience. The sound will reach every part of the room. Amped with Bluetooth, Hevi also comes along with a 3.5mm jack, aiding a wired and wireless experience. Both components of the speaker can be charged simultaneously. Not to mention, Hevi’s pleasing neutral aesthetics allow it to perfectly merge with the interiors of any modern home, making it not only a speaker but an attractive decoration piece.

Designer: Mindaugas Petrikas