Kohler’s new Alexa-enabled bath-fitting showers you with water as well as music

Kohler seems to have taken a massive liking to bathroom-singers with its new showerhead. With a halo-shaped design, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead allows you to fit in a wireless speaker into its negative cavity, giving you a luxurious Kohler-worthy shower with handpicked (or rather voice-picked) tunes to accompany you as you bathe.

Now the Moxie isn’t a new product. Kohler released the quirky showerhead+speaker combination in as early as 2012, but the new update (to be showcased at CES2020 next week) allows Moxie to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa voice AI, allowing you to ask it to play songs (or karaokes), brief you on the news, or order you some more shampoo. The Moxie speaker is detachable and docks right into the torus-shaped showerhead using magnetic action. The Moxie speaker is also completely waterproof, with an IPX67 ingress rating, and is tuned specifically to work seamlessly over the sound of gushing shower-water. The speaker comes with a playback time of 6-7 hours (enough to cover a week’s worth of long-baths), and along with the showerhead, should be available at the end of this year, and could cost anywhere from $99 to $229 depending on the options.

Designer: Kohler