Patrick Jouin’s Bloom Lamp literally blossoms open to shower your room with light!

Forget those ugly dimmer switches, Patrick Jouin’s lamp literally transforms to control the amount of light that it emits. It’s called the Bloom, and it features a lampshade made of multiple ‘petals’ that pucker open when you release a slider at the top. The result is as beautiful as watching a flower blossom open in time-lapse. The Bloom does a sublime job of borrowing from the beauty and symmetry in nature and natural forms, with 30 petals spread across three rows that angle outwards when open, and shut into an urn-like form when closed.

Made through a process called Selective Laser Sintering of Nylon, the 30 petals fit together, giving the lamp a diffused glow, with light leaking out of the gaps between the individual petals. A sliding disc on the top lets you, however, tap into the Bloom’s intricate mechanism that allows the petals to fall outwards, allowing the light within to shine through brighter than before, giving you something that works like a dimmer knob, but is just beyond comparison in its aesthetic appeal!

Designer: Patrick Jouin for Materialize