Light Under My Bottom, Light Under My Drink

In an ideal world, we can touch any object in our environment to activate its inner-light. This will allow those of us who are night-owls to live in a well-lit workplace (or playplace) with light above us, below us, or all around us. When this day comes, it will be a magically all-lit fairyland of glee and friendship. Today we are one step closer to that dream with this light-seat-or-table from a mister Gilles Rivière, who names his light-tribution “Ti.Galet!”

Designer Gilles Rivière explains his light-perch:

The Ti.Galet is a dream born by a movement of pencil, and the movement continued… It can be lounge table, sitted, light or quite simply Art object, It is what you want it to be!

Each Ti.Galet is handmade. Several months are necessary to its manufacture.

Thanks to Laurent and Thierry Delles, Lionel Nicole, Frederic Valette and Crea-diffusion’s team which could make of this dream a reality!

Limited serie to 49 numbered and signed specimens.
Material : Corian®
Color : white (gloss or lacquered)
Lighting by LED (16 preset colors)
L 89cm.l 77cm.H 60cm

Blue please! A color-changing model wouldn’t be half-bad either. Be sure to check out other light-up object at Yanko such as [d°light], [iFreeze], and the [Pendant].

[Light on Yanko]

Designer: Gilles Rivière and partners