This flat-packed sustainable cabin is every child’s dream playhouse!

Meaning Joy in Finnish, the Ilo Playhouse is Koto’s first children’s cabin. And this wonderfully minimalist playhouse makes me want to dive right back into my childhood. Inspired by the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian timber cabins, Ilo appeals to both children and adults alike.

Boasting an elegant log structure, supported by a slanted rooftop, the cabin comprises of three closed sides and an open one. Each closed side features a long rectangular window. The spacious windows and the open entryway allow the children to have their own personal space, all the while retaining a connection to the outside world. A place of their own, without having them feel too isolated. Ilo is perfect for the kids to read and play in, as well as engage in arts and crafts, with the open-spaced structure fueling the fire that is their imagination.

Ilo has been completely crafted from sustainable materials. The cabin is handmade in the UK using locally sourced larch timbers, recycled rubber flooring, as well as all-natural paints and finishes. It can be delivered to you fully built, or you could opt for the flat-packed option and have it constructed on-site easily.

“Our passion is to create beautiful, unique and original spaces using high-quality natural, sustainable materials, ensuring long-lasting products that can be used for years to come,” said the designers. Natural, eco-friendly, and simple, Ilo is Koto’s design philosophy come to life. It’s a playhouse that even adults would like to hide out in for a while!

Designer: Johnathon Little, Zoe Little and Theodore Dales of Koto