22 minimal ways to impart a festive christmas look  

Traditional Christmas décor can be overwhelming and feel stressful. For a fresher, laid-back and yet inviting vibe, one can opt for the minimalist approach or the Nordic feel that celebrates a warm neutral palette. Minimalist interiors are all about creating a simple yet elegant décor to bring in the holiday cheer. It also means having less but quality décor as it saves time and money so that one can focus on things that are more important. This interior style breaks away from the traditional red color and accommodates hues of white, natural wood, gray, and green that forms the key components of a Scandinavian Christmas décor. Discover how to create a joyful environment that feels warm and inviting with a clean, minimal, pared-down look.

1. An Earthy Tablescape

Credit: jennifer_enid_rodgers

Earthy colors and the natural hues of Christmas form an essential component of minimalistic décor. An alternate arrangement of candles, mini Christmas trees, and differently-sized pumpkins form an interesting composition. The earthy-hued table linen adds texture and softens the table, while the cozy glow of candles can create an intimate table setting that encourages conversations.

2. A Bare Christmas Tree

Why go for an artificial tree when you have a real one? Keep it simple and bring a real Christmas tree in a concrete planter. Skip the traditional Christmas ornaments and focus on a limited number of essentials like a Santa, fairy, etc. to infuse the pared-down festive vibe.

3. A Woodsy Look

Credit: jonet.greenfield

The minimalist trend revolves around natural materials like wood and the feeling of being close to nature. In this example, white stockings are hung from a woody plank to infuse warmth and create a festive feel. Add a garland to the shelf to give the space a special flair.

4. Santa-inspired Tableware

Brighten up the Christmas décor with the accent coffee mugs that are functional too. The classic red color and beautiful Santa Claus décor makes a statement on the dining table.

5. Create a Centerpiece

Sometimes less is more! Create a centerpiece with a natural feel and a seasonal aesthetic. The statement deer head in gold forms the accent piece in the bowl, where the bling of metal is balanced with greenery and pine cones that add texture and create the perfect holiday feel.

6. Decorate with Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the easiest and most interesting ways to add a festive touch and decorate for the holidays. Combining fresh and dried greenery and some fresh fruits adds depth and drama to the wreath.

7. A Pleasing Entrance

Decorate the entrance to create a warm and inviting feel that sets the tone for festivities. Transform the look of the doorway with a pair of wreaths.

8. Incorporate Evergreens

Break the monotony of an all-white décor with a clever arrangement of a green wreath around one side of the round mirror. Don’t miss the Christmas tray with reindeer, snow-clad trees and ornaments. The décor enhances the minimal aesthetics of the home and subtly adds festivity to the space.

9. A Minimal Christmas Tree

Reminiscent of a Christmas tree, a wooden triangle evokes the Christmas charm and is cheery enough to delight the space. This contemporary alternative to the traditional Christmas tree combines a green plant in a white planter to weave the look.

10. Use Wooden Nativity Elements

Dedicate an alcove or one section of the home for adding thoughtfully chosen wooden Christmas figures and shepherds that bring the perfect Christmas vibe. This is a simple and interesting way to inject a festive flair into the home alongside a fuss-free holiday vibe into the home.

11. Decorate the Fireplace

The fireplace usually forms the centerpiece of any room and is perfect for adding some tasteful décor. Strategically place the cascading garland to create a minimalist yet festive feel. Mixing fresh greenery and varying heights of white candles effortlessly set up the classic look.

12. Repurpose Old Glass Jars

Repurpose and decorate existing glass jars with moss and leaves to infuse a refreshing vibe into the home décor. Arrange the evergreens with a simple row of candles to infuse a warm and cozy feel. This arrangement transforms into a beautiful centerpiece and works perfectly with festive decor.

13. A minimal 3D star

An eye-catching 3D star and white paper garland grabs attention and infuses a festive vibe into the home décor. A red cookie jar on a white cake stand and wooden base complete the Christmas look.

14. A Christmas Corner

Create a minimalist Christmas corner with white candles and a pair of contrast- colored gray and white stockings, and a garland. The black candle holder with white candles on a circular table offers a Nordic feel.

15. Decorate the Stairs

Evergreen garlands are always nice for a minimalist décor. In this all-white staircase, a green garland wraps around the stair railing to offer contrast and create a light and airy feel. The white stockings add depth and dimension to bare white walls and impart a layered look.

16. Clean and Sleek Look

Who says that a clean and sleek design cannot be warm and cozy? In this example, the branches on the flat surfaces and a wreath combine with knit stockings to form a perfect wintery accent.

17. Hang a Garland

Imbue a festive look with garlands across all the windows of the home. Elevate the aesthetics with a garland of fresh fruits and citrus fruits that smells fresh and adds subtle fragrance, gorgeous color and texture. It is a fantastic way to weave festivities into different areas of the home.

18. Bring Nature into the Decor

The tree forms the center of attraction during the holiday season so one must make sure to decorate it with a few white and silver ornaments to get the minimalist Christmas look. A soft color scheme in gray and various shades of green creates a layered look. The cane baskets alongside the natural display of greenery, plants and a textured cushion infuse a Nordic vibe into the space.

19. Buy Christmas Candles

You don’t need a Christmas tree when you have mini Christmas tree-shaped candles. The warmth of candlelight creates a cozy setting, while fewer objects offer a festive aesthetic that’s trendy and yet tasteful. These functional pieces have a purpose and are not just meant for a festive visual appeal.

20. A Woody Decor

For a stylish minimalist space, turn to the corner table to add a little holiday cheer and choose accents that blend with the overall décor. Some cane and woody decoration that looks rustic and imparts an earthy vibe without making the place look overdone.

21. Create a Terrannium

Take a glass vase and set up the perfect winter scene that can add some cheer on the kitchen island or the center table. Reminiscent of a walk through the snowy woods, create the Terrarium with an illuminated white house with lighting, mini snow-clad faux trees and a lamp post.

22. Add Santa-inspired Accessories

Cute Santa’s always look great in any room. This is the simplest way to infuse the festive vibe in unexpected places to complete the Christmas look.