Open Sesame

The elegant Leverus door handle was designed to feature extra length so that you can open the door with ease. So easy that even a nudge with your elbow will open doors! Crafted from chrome-plated metal, the handle fits into any lifestyle perfectly; just have a big enough door!

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio


  • paul sandip says:

    brilliant idea!

  • lxfn says:

    think of how many times we approach a door with our hands full? a regular round door knob or short handle is a huge inconvenience. this solution is a great observation and quite elegant.

  • asdasd says:

    could work as a towel hanger too lol

  • Now this is an excellent idea, especially with the elderly!

  • Anne says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. As architect whith special interest in accessibility this is a product that the market have been waiting for. Is it manufactured yet? Is it possible to buy in Sweden?

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