An automated stir-frying appliance that walks the walk and stirs the wok!

A lot of home food-prep still requires manual interaction. Flipping the pancakes or the steak, constantly stirring your risotto or fried rice, etc. What if, just like a blender that helped you knead dough, or whipped cream so you didn’t have to, you had an automated appliance that did the stirring? Sort of like a rice-cooker with a dough-hook attached to it.

Think of the Solista automated stir-fryer as an appliance that does exactly that. The cooker comes with an electrically heated wok and an upper arm that constantly stirs the food inside. The Solista connects to an app that lets you tell it what you’re cooking, so it adjusts the stirring speed to gently fry your veggies/meats or thicken your curries… and a ceramic non-stick wok underneath ensures you’ll never be left with any burnt bits stuck to the bottom of your utensil!

Designer: Sophia Lpy