You’ve seen levitating speakers, but have you seen a levitating SNEAKER?

Now I wish we had more images of this product, given how uniquely weird and impulsive it is, but there’s just the one. I’m thankful, however, that Lewis Hilsenteger (better known as Unbox Therapy) made this video displaying exactly what the Levitating Sneaker Stand from HYPELEV is, and who it’s for.

The Levitating Sneaker Stand is, to simply put it, for the person who can afford a $350 levitating stand because they just casually spent a fortune on a pair of sneakers. The C-shaped stand comes with a magnetic levitation unit within it. Power the stand, calibrate the shoe’s weight into the stand using a knob at the back, slip an incredibly powerful neodymium magnet into the shoe and carefully introduce it into the stand’s void. If you get the placement right, the shoe suspends in mid-air, infinitely rotating ever so gently like a modern-day relic. Whether you shoe suspends right in the center of the C depends on the shoe’s size, and its weight, and if you’ve got a shoe that hovers too close to the top, just load the inside with a few non-magnetic weights to bring the sneaker down, so it’s beautifully suspended in space with a noticeable gap both at the top and the bottom. A perfect stand to invest in for those Yeezy’s you bought but probably won’t ever wear. You’d have to buy two stands though.

Designer: HYPELEV