Minimalist water dispenser concept sits on your desk or table for easy access

Water dispensers are essential and well, indespensable, for any office or even homes (if you don’t have a water filtering system). But a lot of times, these dispensers are just functional and a clunky fixture in our kitchens or pantries. We don’t really look for a pretty or well-designed one since we just need it to give us clean water to drink. One challenge though is that you have to walk to and from it several times a day and that those water jugs are pretty hard to replace or refill.

Designer: Lee Yi Chung for Square Design Works

The Metapure Desktop Water Dispenser is a concept for a well-designed dispenser that can actually be stored on your desk, dining table, or your meeting table. It looks like a combination of a coffee maker and a printer’s ink refilling system. The machine itself is minimalist looking and with various controls built in so you can adjust the temperature so the water can fit in with your needs, whether you want it cold or hot or anything in between.

The refilling of water dispensers can sometimes be challenging so for this concept, they thought of something that would be pretty easy and can be done by anyone. You can just put the water inside the device (similar to some coffee makers and coffee capsule machines) and then there is a filter box placed inside. The filters look like those ink cartridges that you use for printers so we assume that taking them out and replacing them is also pretty easy.

If you’re using different kinds of cups and bottles, you will also be able to adjust the tray for these different accessories so there will be no water splashing. As a concept, this one is pretty interesting and is also good looking so you won’t need to hide it in the pantry. As someone who struggles with water dispensers, this is something I will be interested in if it eventually gets made into an actual product.