Hast’s sleek, unibody culinary tools are designed to be harder better faster stronger


Owning Hast knives is like receiving initiation into an exclusive group of people who take cooking seriously. Designed by the black-belts of the culinary arts, these knives look deadly cool, and are literally deadly sharp. The powder-steel construction gives them an edge that cuts through vegetables like butter, while the ergonomic shape, designed with careful consideration, helps you prep food faster and easier. The knife’s seamless monolithic design transitions poetically from blade to grip, while its shape encourages you to use the knife in its desired rocking motion for the best results.

The Hast knives were designed in partnership with multiple star-chefs and culinary experts to arrive at its iconic design. With a Matrix powder-steel body and a titanium coating, the set of 6 knives are arguably some of the sharpest in the world, while their ergonomic grip makes your hands fall absolutely in love with them. Crafted in a way that makes them sharp without making them brittle, Hast knives have a way of retaining their sharpness over a longer span of time, offering high performance but requiring less maintenance over the years. The knife’s unibody design also comes with its set of advantages. A single-body form gives the knife the benefit of a full-tang, allowing for increased force and leverage… while the complete absence of screws/rivets, parting lines or tolerances, leaves absolutely no place for dirt, dust, oil, or water to get embedded into. The knives can be swiftly cleaned under a running stream of water, and that titanium coating takes things a step further by offering anti-corrosion and anti-microbial properties to each knife.

Backed by Michelin Star winning chefs, Hast knives come in a set of 6 blades designed for various activities, from paring meat to julienning vegetables or even cutting through bread, and sit perfectly within Hast knife block, a stylish glass casing to both store and showcase your knife set. The knives themselves come in a variety of 4 colors and finishes. You can choose between stainless steel versions in gloss or matte, or opt for the extra-durable titanium coated variants available in black or gold… and with sharpness and durability ratings that rank significantly higher than premium brands like Wusthof and Henckels, these knives should easily be the pride of your kitchen for a long time to come.

Designers: Elliot CAO & Hast

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TheChefClub: The Uncompromising Knife

Loved and approved by Michelin-starred chefs, as well as everyday home cooks, TheChefClub super sharp knives are made of high-tech powder steel and coated in a titanium finish. It looks sharp and it stays sharp.

The best part? It doesn’t require any special care, and an occasional home sharpening will go a long way, no matter what you put it through.

Tech Meets Design

The knives are made of Matrix powder steel, combined with premium stainless steel using a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). The body is polished and coated in titanium. This gives it a minimal, awe-inspiring look that combines simplicity and raw power. Their Matrix powder steel blade is the main ingredient behind TheChefClub knives ultra sharpness and durability.

Comfortable unibody grip for safety and precision. They stripped away legacy features like the unhygienic wooden handle, and created a unibody piece that feels great in your hand and looks great to your eye. It compliments your dishes and complements your kitchen.

The soft lines and round finishing give a sense of playfulness that will make cooking a pleasant and recharging moment for yourself (or to share with others).

Choose your style between stainless (matte), stainless (glossy), black, or gold. TheChefClub knives blend in with any kitchen and complement its style, making a statement of your style and creativity.

The set includes a paring, utility, chef, Santoku, boning, and bread knife.

Design Meets Tech

When the team set out to create an uncompromising knife for every kitchen, they tested different materials, until they found the perfect one: Matrix powder steel. Matrix powder steel is specially engineered for a great balance of high hardness (HRC62) and high yield strength.

Powder steel is made in a very different way than casting, a process invented by NASA: the alloy is melted at high temperatures until it liquefies, and is then sprayed in a vacuum and cooled down very quickly using nitrogen (which can go as low as -210 °C / -346 °F). This makes the cooling down process very fast, creating tiny beads of steel, each having very similar alloying properties. Powder steels are then processed in different ways for different engineering and application requirements.

With the state of the art machines and lab-precision engineering (SLS), Matrix powder steel is then combined with stainless steel to form blades of high hardness, high yield strength and great corrosion resistance. This makes their knives exceptionally sharp, extremely durable, and accessible to every kitchen.

TheChefClub knives are coated with Titanium (PVD coating) for a harder surface, superior resistant to corrosion, anti-bacterial, and… sharp looking.

Effortlessly sharp.

In the Catra test, TheChefClub chef knife is 24% sharper, 37% more durable than SHUN, and 117% more durable than Wusthof.

The team wanted to put it to the ultimate test, and put it through the extreme dull test: cutting a strong hemp rope. In fact, they put it to the test against a $150 Zwilling knife. Here’s what happened. After 240 cuts, TheChefClub chef knife can still slice a tomato effortlessly.

The perfect knife block. The block is the perfect match for TheChefClub knives: versatile, hygienic, and fitting up to 8 pieces of knives. Unlike most blocks, their glass body is dishwasher safe, compact, and a celebration of your cooking skills.

Click Here to Buy Now: 7-piece set for $399 $623 ($224 off). Hurry, only 6/25 left!