A More Powerful Lock

Not even a lightsaber could bust it. This is the “Energy Lock” from designer Young Suk Kim. Alas it is not the kind of lock you keep your bike secure with, instead it is for your plug-in objects around the house. This project goes by the name “Energy Lock,” and it’s about to totally change the way you plug in your coffee maker at night. Or VCR, if you’ve still got one of those, maybe your computer you keep hooked up all night, basically everything that sucks power while you’re not using it.

Before we get to flipping out: the plug you see isn’t from the USA. Can any of you whizzes out there tell me what country we might be dealing with here?

Next, take a look at how simple this is. All it really consists of is a timer, something very similar to the sort you might use to time your oven. Plug your plug in, turn it as a crank, and let it time down. After the amount of time you choose, the power ends.

Designer: Young-suk Kim

Energy Lock by Young Suk Kim