Stackable cushions to keep your little pet safe while helping them climb!

Did you know that the most common reason for smaller dogs to visit the hospital are fractures caused due to accidentally falling down? Well, I didn’t either. The tinier the pet, the larger are the chances of it prancing and jumping about and ultimately falling to its downfall. This could be because of slippery floors or sofas and beds which are at a height. So, South Korean product designer Sunghoon Park created the ‘Hoonico Cocotep’. What’s Hoonico Cocotep? Well, it’s a collection of large foam-filled cushions that can be easily stacked one on top of the other. The cushions are created by taking highly elastic PE foam pods and wrapping them up with a waterproof PVC eco sheet.

The set is made by combining two types of cushions, a smaller, pod-like one looks like a mini Snickers bar accompanied by the larger square one joined in between. They can be stacked one on top of the other or laid flat for your pet to rest on when not climbing. The cushion combos can be placed in front of sofas and beds which may be at a height, creating a makeshift staircase for your furry friends, ensuring they reach from one level to another safely, without causing themselves any harm. Depending on the height of your furniture, you can create two or three step stairs that won’t slip given the silicon grooves at the base.

Cocotep is targeted at smaller pets who are in imminent danger of hurting themselves if they try any excessive tricks. Available in a variety of pretty colors such as Coral, Oat, Kashmir Blue and Gray, the Cocotep cushions can be mix and matched to create an attractive aesthetic appeal. Long gone are the days of your excited furry buddies falling to their doom, at least as long as Hoonico Cocotep has something to say about it!

Designer: Sunghoon Park

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