QWERTY Keyboard For iPhone, For Real!

I’ve always had a problem with typing fast and accurately with my iPhone, and like most Indian users who use local lingo in our English messages; the auto dictionary for misspellings is no help. So it had to be a fellow Indian to come up with an alternate solution. A QWERTY Keyboard that slides over the iPhone, guarding its edges and syncing in well! The slick body docks in the phone and auto disables the virtual keyboard. An external jack hooks into place, at the bottom of the keys for charging the phone. These first batch of renders don’t do as much justice to the idea, but like all things Apple, I’m sure the nextgen will look better.

Materials-Polycarbonate (PC) /Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS), Carbon Steel for the slider rails.

For initial Concept Sketches and Models please refer here.

Designer: Altamash Jiwani