A portable charcoal grill that neither looks nor weighs like one!

A good barbeque session is always fun, especially with new and improved grills coming up all the time! However, product designer Andrew Ferrier has just made your barbeque session even more simple and effortless with his ‘Charcoal Grill’. Ferrier’s Charcoal Grill attempts to improve the overall quality of the food being prepared and the entire grilling experience for people. It is the first fan assisted charcoal grill, ensuring that the charcoal lighting process is completely safe. However, what really attracts us to the grill is it’s simple and ‘un-grill like’ appearance. Borderline minimalistic, it is a far cry from the usual, heavyset grills. Easily portable, it is a lifestyle product with an appealing aesthetic and interesting functionality!

Designer: Andrew Ferrier

The grill consists of two hollow base containers. Spherical in shape, the smaller container has been fitted with a fan and the actual grilling plate is placed on it. It can be positioned perfectly into the larger container.

The grilling plate can be removed from the second container, with charcoal being added to it according to the amount of food and cooking preferences.

Once the charcoal has been placed into the smaller container, it is placed back into the larger one.

Ferrier’s Charcoal Grill is electric, once it has been plugged in, the temperature of the grill can be controlled using a handy knob.

The cover of the grill attached with a wooden handle comprises of a little outlet that allows the smoke to filter out.

Innovative and sleek, Ferrier’s Charcoal Grill simplifies the entire grilling process. The fan allows the food to be cooked swiftly, with the smoke easily filtering out of the outlet. The pain of charcoal lighting is eradicated too, due to the use of electricity, with delicious food as the end result, not to mention it performs all the functions of a grill without looking nor weighing like one!