A Piggy Bank for Your Brain


How many times have you had the “BEST IDEA EVER!” and then totally forgotten about it?! Happens all the time! Inspired by the very idea that we forget ideas IDOID is a method to safe keep your EUREKA moments.

This small interactive, fun product looks like a piggy bank, but it’s actually an “idea bank”. It comes with a companion App called IDOID from which you can record all your brilliant brainwaves, thoughts, inspirations and ideas on the go! So every time you record an idea from your app, IDOID blinks to urge you to put coins in it. This way your ideas are making you richer by the day. Literally!

It’s inspiration on demand! Meaning, when you shake the idea bank, the app tells you how much you have saved as well as gives you a combination of 3 ideas you previously saved. This way you can mix and match your inspiration to think of new, innovative ideas!

Designer: Sowmya Iyer