Lights Lead The Way

The simply named Road Lights is a system of wind generated lane lights powered by the wind of vehicles whizzing by. You’ve all felt it before, that wall of air as a car passes by. Why waste it? The energy captured by the system illuminates a series of pegs 50-100 meters in front of you to lead the way. Eco-friendly (yes I’m still using that phrase) and a perfect opportunity for a really creative car commercial.

Designers: Sungi Kim & Hozin Song

Our Lights Eco-friendly Road Light for the Countryside by Sungi Kim & Hozin Song





  • AKASH says:

    very good concept. But the wireless sensor in every lamp will cost too much

  • Ahmed says:

    Wow this awesome tech will safe a lot of energy wasted on road lights. but I think this tech will be applied on roads with on lane. I’m wondering, what is the idea for big roads like highways and bridges.

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